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We are part of a growing family at Crosspoint that gathers every weekend to worship, encourage each other and create an environment where more and more people can hear the story of Jesus. We are also part of a larger community that reaches to the very ends of the earth filled with people who are yet to meet Jesus. We want to do all we can to help people discover Jesus. More About Many


We were not meant to do life alone. We need a few people in our lives who are following Jesus to help us as we follow Him too. We need people who will do life with us. Life Groups and Crew Teams provide a place where we can be known and we can love and serve others. More About Few


Who is your one? Who is the one person you are praying for that needs Jesus as their Savior? Who is the one person you are discipling or is discipling you? Who is helping you grow to be more like Jesus? Who are you influencing to help them look more like Jesus in their life? More About One